Peace Globe Marble

Peace in 18 different languages, these peace marbles from Shasta Visions are perfect gifts for strangers and friends alike. If you are traveling to a foreign land or want to create a unique connection with someone who speaks any one of the 18 languages available, these Peace marbles are certain to create a unique and lasting impression. Speak another language not represented? The international symbol for peace is the perfect option for anyone in the world who shares the desire to promote World Peace! Created with care to inspire caring for the world by giving beautiful gifts that express love, build global awareness and communicate peace. Imagine peace on Earth, and help us create the reality of peace on Earth, together. 
  • 1” (22mm) natural Earth with Peace in the pacific ocean
  • Geographically accurate, showing more than 50 rivers, beautiful full-color forests, ice caps, deserts, and shadow relief mountain ranges in amazing detail
  • Peace is available in 17 languages plus the international symbol for peace
  • Languages include English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Swedish, Hebrew, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Tibetan, Arabic, Swahili, Hopi, as well as the Buddhist Om, Devanagari Om and Tibetan Om
The geographic art is expertly kiln fired at over 1000 degrees, creating an all-glass masterpiece that will last a lifetime! 
A portion of the proceeds goes to support environmental organizations and inspire world peace.
Handmade in the USA
Price: $4.00
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