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Socks with supreme comfort, ethical and sustainable production, and designs that make you smile -- all empowering nonprofits to support the causes and communities you care about. Organic toxic-free ingredients, recycled and recyclable packaging, fairtrade certified farmers, and responsibly manufactured.

Conscious Step's cotton is sourced in India, the largest producer of organic cotton in the world. Each pair of socks is non-gmo, pesticide- and insecticide-free. It’s easier on the planet and easier on
your skin. Produced in accordance with fairtrade international's rigorous environmental, economic, and social standards. No animal testing, and 1% of annual sales goes to a global network that works on environmental solutions for a healthy planet. Partnered with several organizations, such as The Trevor Project and Trees for the Future.

To learn more about how conscious step is practicing sustainability, check out their site

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